If your writing doesn’t keep you up at night,
it won’t keep anyone else up either.
—James M. Cain

Helpful Links and Books to Improve Your Craft

1. C. S. Lakin has a wealth of archived writing blogs. She covers everything from time management to the final stages of novel writing. You may also find her books on writing helpful. Click here

2. Donald Maass, a well-known agent who created the Maass Literary Agency, has written many books to help novelists improve their craft, some of which are: Writing the Breakout Novel, The Fire in Fiction, and The Emotional Craft of Fiction. They can all be purchased through Amazon or Writers Digest Books. For those who prefer a more personalized instruction, he also offers week-long, comprehensive writing workshops throughout the year.

3. Two areas where writers cringe are in the final step in the process: the famous query and the impossible synopsis. For a formulaic instruction in creating your synopsis, you can go to:


The trouble with writing fiction is that it has to make sense,
whereas real life doesn’t.
—Iain M. Banks