(All packages include phone and email access during the life of the project. Price ranges are based on the latest published rates from the Writer's Market.)

Proofreading Only

This basic editing process includes cosmetic fixes for punctuation, grammar, syntactical sentence construction, and simple word improvements. Charge: 0.012 cents per MS word.

CopyEditing and Proofreading

For those who want proofreading with a combination of improving style, formatting, accuracy, and identifying inconsistencies, copyediting provides a more comprehensive package.

  1. For light copyediting (to include accuracy and grammar), the charge is 0.016 cents per manuscript (MS) word.
  2. For medium copyediting (proofreading with heavier lifting, correcting flow, and reworking some text) the charge is 0.020 cents per MS word.
  3. For heavy copyediting (proofreading, restructuring, correcting flow, and reworking content), the base charge is 0.025 cents per MS word.

Content Editing

This process takes copyediting to the next level, which includes all of the above but with extensive text revisions at a cost of 0.03 cents per MS word.

Critique Only

To receive an evaluation of all book elements and a comprehensive written diagnosis of problem areas, to include suggestions for improvement, the rate is 0.16 cents per MS word.

Critique Followup and Proofreading (best value)

For a combined critique as described above and a final draft proof to be completed in two stages (critique first, then proof upon completion of final draft), the charge is 0.020 cents per MS word.

Story Coaching

For the writer who seeks insightful feedback on a story outline or would like to brainstorm ideas on a story plot or nonfiction piece, Fix-It-Write is here to review your work-in-progress and offer suggestions. An additional service entails reviewing chapters throughout the writing process until the first draft is complete. This feature includes an honest critique on the story’s progression to include all fictional elements with the goal of minimizing extensive rewrites by pinpointing issues before the writer delves too far into the process. This fee will be negotiated on an individual basis.


Once your fiction or nonfiction piece is polished and ready to submit to agents and/or publishers, let Fix-It-Write review and aid in composing a stellar query that promises to grab immediate attention. And with the enticing query, it is imperative to provide a succinct synopsis for the overall storyline, another feature we'd be happy to offer.


Fix-It-Write believes in providing an honest assessment of a writer's product and will respond accordingly. If we feel the project needs further work before proceeding with any of the above services, we will share that evaluation with you. After further work has ensued and the client determines its readiness, we will be happy to review it again and offer our best recommendations.