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To my brilliant editor who had the faith, patience, and skills to turn my lump of coal into a diamond. Thank you for making editing fun. -- S. C. Cunningham

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Stephen’s second book…expected publication date November 2018.

Stephen’s second book…expected publication date November 2018.

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Working with Linda on A Taker of 'Morrows, I witnessed my characters develop in ways I hadn’t envisioned. With a patient and practiced hand, she helped me bring out an emotional depth and dimensionality that truly gave them life. Her sense of pacing and story development is another of her great strengths and helped me identify the right additions and subtractions to make a great story even better. I wouldn’t think of submitting the next installment in my Cape Cod Thriller series without her. -- Stephen Sayers


Two thumbs up for Linda Kasten and Fix-it-Write. As a brand-new author, I’d been offered a publishing deal and was undecided about whether to accept. Something just didn’t feel right. Then, Linda took me under her wing. With her guidance I fixed my plot, characters, POV, everything. Now, with a significantly improved and professionally edited copy, I’m much more confident and sure I’ll be able to attract the right deal for my book. I am more than satisfied with the services she provided; I am thrilled and grateful. -- Pasadena Shakes


Linda is nothing short of amazing. She has an uncanny ability to transform one's literary intentions/expressions into meaningful, and at the same time, grammatically accurate, readable text. Furthermore, she does so at lightning speed. Her command of the nuances of the English language, including idioms, correct wording, literary conventions, effective paragraph structure, etc., complements her solid grasp of the basics of style, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She is my go-to person for all things written. -- Cheri Oatsdean

“Linda brought a level of expertise that transformed my manuscript from a mere collection of ideas to a truly captivating story. Her depth of literary knowledge and experience pairs excellently with her imagination, and her commitment to her authors is second to none. I can’t imagine taking on another project without Linda’s guidance and support!” -- Tyler Koch