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It all started when...

For as long as I can remember, I have always been writing, whether scribbling on a yellow legal pad or typing on blank paper rolled through the typewriter (yes, I'm dating myself). This obsession came from my love of reading and from journeying with characters through their messy worlds, sharing their emotional trials and tribulations until they either reached a happy ending or found themselves in a much different place. I have felt compelled to write stories and share my own observations about humanity from an early age, exploring what hides behind the human spirit and what motivates behaviors. We all have stories within us, but committing them to paper can take determination and courage.

With an English/Literature degree, minors in creative writing and journalism, I served as assistant editor, then editor, for my college newspaper. I have studied writing and have read (and probably own) every book ever published about writing. I have mentored under well-versed writers and instructors through classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, and other formats. I have also depended upon my writing skills in various careers throughout my life.

For a short time, I worked as a literary agent, but when I found myself offering writers advice on how to improve their manuscripts instead of sending out the customary rejection letter, I discovered my talents and passion favored the creative process, not the selling side.

Although this is a subjective business and what one editor or reader thinks about a particular work might contradict another, there are basic elements which cannot be ignored. After helping many writers identify problems with their manuscripts and supporting them through revisions, my reward is working with passionate writers who are thankful for the knowledgable advice in transforming their stories into a more engaging product. And, if given the opportunity, I will strive to do the same for you.