Congratulations! After an extended, arduous but rewarding journey, you have finally completed your fictional story or informative book. 

You’ve edited and revised your manuscript countless times, but now you are ready to take your next step--hiring a professional editing service for an unbiased perspective and the kind of scrutiny you need for publication. 

After all, the majority of authors realize they are too close to their own work to be objective. They value the individualized touch a professional service can offer, no matter how often they’ve been published.

At Fix-It-Write, we are here to assist you with specialized services to ensure your manuscript is meticulously edited and formatted to meet publication specifications. Fix-It-Write offers various packages ranging from basic proofreading to comprehensive content editing. We also provide tailored assistance which might include story-coaching or a second opinion on cafeteria-style aspects, such as plot lines or character arcs.

Perhaps you prefer just a basic, honest critique of your work before final proofreading. Are all story elements effectively executed—setting, theme, characterization, plot and structure, dialogue, emotional connections, etc.? Do you have the right amount of tension and micro tension? Is the pacing spot-on, lagging, or leaving your reader breathless and in need of rest? Are you engaging your reader in a page-turning story or reaching them with your valuable information?

Although a thorough and meticulous editing and evaluation cannot guarantee your book will make it to the bestseller list, it does promise to give you a sparkling clean manuscript.

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Imagine editing as the process of photoshopping your words.
— Linda Kasten